Representative Recoveries

In addition to those listed below, Mr. Schneider has accomplished numerous other substantial recoveries which cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements.

$ 27 million verdict, January 2016, Cuyahoga County, for an injured passenger on a bus.  Largest verdict of its type ever in Ohio.

$ 6.5 million result: A man was severely brain injured following a car accident with a truck driver.

$ 6 million result: Location of an applicable umbrella policy resulting in millions of dollars in available insurance coverage following the death of a young father in a motor vehicle accident.

$ 6 million verdict: Liability was found after a baby’s spinal cord was negligently damaged during the delivery.

$ 4.5 million result: A newborn suffered a severe brain injury and Cerebral Palsy due to negligent delay in the delivery.

$ 4.5 million result: A 17 year old in the State’s custody was rendered a quadriplegic after the van in which the victim was a passenger was overturned. The recovery was the largest ever achieved at the time in the Ohio Court of Claims.

$ 3.5 million result: Policy limits were recovered against a hospital and doctors who failed to treat and diagnose a patient’s neuroleptic malignant syndrome following bariatric surgery. The patient was rendered a mute quadriplegic as a result of post-operative medication.

$ 3.25 million result: Location of applicable insurance policies after a man was hit by a car while hosing down materials in his driveway. He suffered a brain injury.

$ 2.5 million verdict: An employer was liable when a worker fell through a roof.

$ 2 million result: A part manufacturer was found liable for injuries sustained by a snowmobile rider who was injured in an accident which rendered him a quadriplegic.

$ 1.8 million result: An employer was found liable after a worker was crushed while using a lift at work; The worker died.

$ 1.5 million result: A wrongful death recovery was obtained from a component part manufacturer on behalf of an infant who survived a boat explosion that killed several members of his family.

$ 1 million result: Money was recovered from a victim’s insurance policy after his death due to a fall from a cherry picker type apparatus in preparation for a painting job.

$ 1 million result: A cab company was found liable after a passenger was killed due to driver negligence. The victim was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas at the time.

$1 million result: Physicians were liable for failure to properly diagnose a patient’s symptoms of an aortic dissection.

$1 million result: A hospital and doctors were liable for failing to provide an adequate work up for a patient who presented with cardiac symptoms. He was released primarily because of his young age despite a strong family history. He subsequently died.

$1 million result: An employer was found liable after an unprotected worker contracted a lung disease known as histoplasmosis. The employer knew the conditions were unsafe since another employee had contracted the disease already.

$1 million result: A young woman was injured in a car accident. She was then ejected from the car and was hit again. She miraculously survived, but with many residual injuries.

$1 million result: A driver suffered serious brain and physical injuries in a truck accident.

$1 million result: A hospital was liable for a 10 year old boy’s drowning while at an in-patient program. This was the largest settlement against the hospital at the time and the pool was shut down.

$ 825,000 result: A driver was found liable when she struck a man who was plowing his driveway.

$ 750,000 result: The owners of an apartment complex were liable after a resident was raped in her apartment.

$ 700,000 result: A hospital and doctors were liable following the failure to properly anti-coagulate a patient. The patient underwent a total right knee replacement and had a history of atrial fibrillation. The result was a stroke which left her wheelchair bound and nursing home dependent.

$ 650,000 result: Policy limits were recovered following an incident in which a piano fell on a young woman during a move rendering her paraplegic.

$ 610,000 result: A minor was killed from a fall when the driver took off with the minor sitting on the truck. She suffered fatal brain hemorrhage.

$ 585,000 result: A 32 year old patient presented to two different emergency rooms with cardiac symptoms and diagnosed both times with musculoskeletal disease. Two weeks later, he suffered a fatal heart attack. Had his cardiac condition been properly diagnosed, it could have been surgically repaired.

$ 500,000 result: A hospital and physicians failed to timely diagnose the patient’s aortic dissection.

$ 450,000 result: A rehabilitation facility was liable for a post-operative patient’s fatal pulmonary embolism despite warning signs.